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Easily Schedule, Notify, and Share with Church Database Software

Synchronize church events, activities, and tasks into one master calendar

Churches experience significant communication and ministry breakdowns when calendars are not synchronized and visible to those responsible for ministry and church operations. What would you do if every activity and event in your church was visible and transparent to those who lead them?  They most likely would get up and cheer with songs of great joy and relief.   

How would it help your ministry if you were be able to create online church calendars for every active area of your ministry?  When it comes to assigning tasks to individuals or groups, what if there was a way to proactively place important tasks on someone else's personal calendar for immediate action? How would that help your team and those whom they serve? Here are questions asked in regards to this important area of church ministry. The answer to each question is a clear "Yes" with our church planning software.

  • Can a web based church calendar help our church reduce costs?
  • Will an online church calendar help our church realize ministry excellence?
  • Will an online shared calendar improve church communications?
  • Do online scheduling tools help avoid the most common planning mistakes?
  • Does an online scheduling calendar help Pastors keep better track of their appointments?

With Imagine Mobile Church, leveraging calendar visibility and delegating important church tasks is now easier than ever before. From one screen you can create activities for groups or individuals. These entries immediately show up on their personal calendar. This gives you the ability to minister more effectively as you enable your people to do the work of the ministry.

You can increase efficiency even more by assigning tasks quickly. These individual and group tasks have a specific start date and a specific end date. They serve to automate how ministry is managed without taking away the personal touch from the people involved.

The Imagine Mobile Church Ministry Calendar will help your church staff and ministry leaders:

  • Create church events and ministry activities for individuals, small groups, and ministry teams.
  • Select from a combination of colors to help you quickly identify church events and activities.
  • Proactively notify individuals and groups of new events and activities including any updates.
  • Use text messages and email messages to announce calendar changes.
  • Make church events immediately visible to individuals and groups in real-time.
  • Schedule recurring church calendar events and activities daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Assign specific days and times for church events and activities.
  • View and manage church events and activities from monthly, weekly, and daily calendar layouts.
  • Schedule tasks, activities, and events for church members, volunteers, and ministry leaders.
  • Enter key church event and activity descriptions, instructions, and information into each calendar item.