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Church Software Helps Your Large Church Minimize Growing Pains
When churches impact communities, they transform cities, and nations. At Imagine Mobile Church, we work hard to help your large church stay on mission with God. As your ministry continues to grow, administrative needs, and key ministry functions should be automated as much as possible.

This is where we come in and provide solutions as we gain a deeper understanding of your unique needs as a church body. Large churches and megachurches may find themselves asking the following questions as their ministry continues to experience both spiritual and numerical growth:

• How can we synchronize all of the systems we use to better manage large church ministry operations?
• What web-based church management solutions should we already start implementing in our church?
• How can we make sure all of our volunteers are being trained and certified as scheduled?
• What is the best online giving platform for a large church of our size?
• How can we run targeted reports to better understand our guest to church attendance ratio?
• How can we quickly run labels to send postcards to our first time guests?
• What software is available in English, Spanish, and other key languages for our people to use?
We are thrilled that you are considering Imagine Mobile Church as your partner to help your church connect, train, and grow your church in the Cloud. A mobile training ministry community is now within your reach.

Large Churches Change Cities and Impact the World for Christ

Connect your people in the cloud

Serving large multi-lingual and multi-cultural churches is a high honor and a distinct privilege for each member of our team.  As large churches begin to leverage the power of cloud-based church management solutions, the way they manage their most precious resource-their people, can dramatically improve and benefit each member within their ministry.  

At Imagine Mobile Church, our desire is to serve alongside large churches by helping them grow in the areas of online giving, group formation and management, church-wide communications, training staff and volunteers, developing integrated calendars, and deploying online assessments easily for staff and members to grow personally and spiritually.
Engage your members

Although your church may be large and represent a significant amount of people, are your people connected?  Are they regularly engaged with your ministry and with one another?  If those whom you serve do not stay connected with one another, eventually they will disconnect from your church altogether.  We are commited to helping you and your team develop innovative ways to intentionally keep your people connected in a relevant way with your ministry and with one another.
Make it easy for your people to give online

When you automate how people make donations to your ministry, giving regularly becomes easier.  At Imagine Mobile Church, we want to help large churches develop innovative solutions for accepting, tracking, and reporting online donations.  We believe that most people in your ministry do not want to be inconsistent in their worship through giving of their tithes and offerings.  We do believe, however, that they are looking for automated giving solutions to help them remember.  Your people are busy and need help to stay true to their commitments.  We help your people increase their faithfulness in this area through recurring online giving solutions. 

Improve communication with everyone in your church

Your people are constantly receiving messages through voicemail, text, television advertisements, billboards, online adwords and pop-ups, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This overload of information is not decreasing anytime soon. On the contrary, it is increasing exponentially. How do you get their attention when everyone around them is working twice as hard to capture their time and their resources ? How can you and your team communicate with your people using today's technology?  

The answer is to automate your communication by regularly connecting with your people on their cell phones, tablets, and computers. Imagine Mobile Church serves to help your ministry make communication easier and more effective for everyone in your church body.  

Make your church larger and smaller: Create, manage, and build small groups

Whether your church integrates small groups, volunteer teams, choir, band, dance teams, adult Sunday school, children's ministry, youth ministry, training centers or regular weekly classes, Imagine Mobile Church can help you simultaneously manage all of these groups online.  We help you create multiple groups and easily add people with only a few simple clicks.  

Once these groups are created, sending targeted communication on a regular basis becomes the new reality for your ministry.  One or multiple group administrators can serve to help those within your groups grow and stay connected with one another.  Once the right process is in place, your teams and groups can grow and thrive in a totally new way. Thus, encourage other group members and staff.

Large churches Synchronize calendars and tasks

What would you do if every event in your growing church was visible to those who needed to see it the most?  How would it help your ministry if you were be able to create calendars for every active area of your church?  When it comes to assigning tasks to individuals or groups, what if there was a way to proactively place important tasks on someone else's personal calendar for immediate action?

With Imagine Mobile Church, maximizing calendar visibility, and delegating tasks is now easier than ever before.  From one screen you can create activities for groups or individuals.  These entries immediately show up on their personal calendar.  This gives you the ability to minister more effectively as you enable your people to do the work of the ministry.  

You can increase efficiency even more by assigning tasks quickly.  These individual and group tasks have a specific start date and a specific end date.  They serve to automate how minstry is managed without taking away the personal touch from the people involved.

Leverage online training to grow your church in the Cloud

Are you maximizing training throughout your entire church ministry?  Imagine Mobile Church can help your ministry synchronize global training and development.  Training is not an event; it is an intentional process.  Whether you want to train your local church or help develop missionaries overseas, we can help you create online training programs to serve their needs.  What happens when you invest in developing every member of your ministry?  Your people grow. Therefore, so does your church.  

Do more ministry

These are only a few of the ways in which Imagine Mobile Church can help your ministry make communication easier, increase consistency in giving, synchronize operations, and develop every member of your team.  Your people are ready to grow and thrive.  Give them the tools they need to get started.


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