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Church Software Makes Church Recruiting and Communication Easy

Create online systems to recruit, train, and manage church volunteers

Imagine Mobile Church serves churches by identifying key ministry operational challenges and providing effective church management solutions. We love to help churches focus on their people while we focus on providing relevant church recruiting and follow up solutions. When churches have up to date online tools, they can serve their people successfully.

Recruit church volunteers faster

When the need to quickly form ministry teams arises, how do you normally respond to this challenge?  Is your only option to ask a group of church members to make 20, 50, or 100 phone calls?  If this is a reality in your church, you will be pleased to know that Imagine Mobile Church helps you find and recruit church volunteers faster, and more efficiently. Our church database software allows you to query prospective volunteers, form volunteer groups, and communicate with these groups by email, text messaging, online chat, church webinars, and much more with our church communication software

Follow up with church volunteers and church members through technology

Many church leaders explore innovative methods of following up with their first-time guests, church visitors, and their own church members. This is an area of ministry that you cannot afford to neglect. Having the right online tools will help your church create effective church follow up systems to make sure volunteers stay on task. Having the right web-based church management software solution will help you keep track of assigned tasks directed to church volunteers, church staff, and church leadership.