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Multisite Churches and Global Churches

Can One Church Exist in Multiple Campuses?

The answer to this question is, yes! The heart of a church can be distributed among multisite churches. Online Church Management Software allows you to infuse the organizational DNA of your church in different cities, states, and countries. Managing a church through web-based church management software gives your church administration team the ability to run all campus activities and finances through a central cloud-based administrative solution for each campus. 

Your church can leverage cloud-based church management software to streamline the operations of your entire church body, regardless of where you minister. As your church experiences growth and expansion, new questions, and challenges surface:

• How can we use technology to help us manage our church in other cities, states or countries?
• How can online giving donations be better organized to increase donations on the web?
• What tools are available to help our church create mobile training centers online?
• How do we have church leadership meetings when our team is so spread out?
• How do we notify groups and teams when important meetings and events are rescheduled?
• What are the best online tools for churches and how do we integrate them into our solution?
• How can you reduce training costs while simultaneously increasing training effectiveness and productivity?
• How can your church grow your people online?
Imagine Mobile Church is dedicated to helping your church simultaneously grow your people and reach those outside your church walls.  Here are just a few samples of how we can help you grow your church.
  • Deploy assessments and training programs to groups of 1,000 church members or groups greater than 10,000 church members.
  • Create an integrated calendar to help your team synchronize schedules, improve communication, and increase planning.
  • Track ministry training progress and performance such as assessments, sessions completed, and more.
  • Easily develop and assign specific church follow up tasks to individuals and groups.
  • Communicate with your team members through email, instant messaging, text messaging, or online church webinars.
  • Build scalable training programs and assessments to grow your people and develop leaders faster.
  • Train your team from anywhere to everywhere.

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