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Data Security
Be Confident, Your Church's Data is Secure
Your data is secure. Rest assured, automatic backups are a daily function of Imagine Mobile Church. Protecting your data is something we take very serious. Taking extra measures to keep your information completely secure and readily available is our top priority.
Our coding involves database optimization to meet an adequate load time for each page, making it browser compatible, and able to consistently exhibit high performance, even in case of huge traffic loads and large databases. This factor should be combined with bandwidth, size, and server type. 
The most important benefit of using an MVC (CAKE PHP) framework is that it makes Imagine Mobile Church secure against hacking and SQL injections. This severe threat is one of the biggest issues facing contemporary web applications today.
Since your church's data is secure, you can be confident and start experiencing peace of mind as you connect, train, and grow your church in the Cloud.