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Minimal It Risks
Your Church IT Staff Can Relax and Tackle Other Implementations
Subscription-based models not only require less upfront costs and zero additional hardware for churches, they also have proven to carry significantly less risks for your church's IT staff. There is never any software to download or integrate into your web servers. There is no need to have fundraisers to help pay for extensive hardware upgrades or make expensive purchases to increase your storage capacity. This alone is a good reason to stand and celebrate.  
Imagine Mobile Church helps your ministry IT staff relax and focus on securing and maintaining other areas of your church ministry. Typically all that is needed from your IT staff is an updated user database in an Excel file containing basic contact and email information for each user. As long as users have internet access, nothing else is required. Anyone in management can serve as the administrator.  
The training and preparation to use our Cloud-based application is reduced from studying large boring manuals to watching friendly screenshots, navigating through simple icons, exploring "Frequently Asked Questions" or reviewing brief training videos to make learning easier.    
With Imagine Mobile Church, we not only take care of protecting your data , we help each of your users maintain experiential consistency and performance reliability every step of the way. 

Boost the morale in your IT department today by letting them know about your decision to partner with Imagine Mobile Church. Once they hear the good news, they can quickly check things off of their “to-do-list” and manage other important areas of ministry operations.