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Guaranteed Performance
Maximize Performance in Your Church Operations Through the Cloud
Managing new church software implementations is seldom a pleasant undertaking for any church ministry team. There are often significant performance challenges to solve, multiple new releases to think through, and unxpected hardware expansions to plan for. Since your church's IT department is free to focus their energy on other projects, SaaS (software as a service) performance is no longer on their radar and we want to keep it that way. 
We take care of any reliability concerns or performance glitches right away to keep your church and ministry operations moving forward. After all, ministry needs and constant changes are both expected and relentless. Therefore, your church cannot slow down or stop. It has to keep moving forward.
What does this mean for your church and for your key church leaders? It’s rather simple actually. This means that you can operate your church with a predictable level of reliability. Predictability is good. You don’t have to worry. 
It means that the Cloud is on your team, a proven partner if you will, working hard to give you, and your entire church ministry the superior performance you deserve. Imagine the countless possibilities! 
Since the internet never rests or sleeps, neither do we. Since your performance matters, our performance matters. Our team at Imagine Mobile Church and our servers work around the clock to guarantee your reliability and predictable experience in the Cloud. 

Imagine Mobile Church helps your church leaders consistently connect, train, and grow your people in the Cloud. We serve as your performance improvement partner in the long-term development of your people. When you build your people you always grow your church.